Dawn and Luke are one of those cutesy husband-and-wife teams you've heard about. They like building things together -- like the upcycled table they made on their second date. Sometimes they restore and paint found pieces and name their companies after them. (Okay, just kidding, there's only the one yellow table.)

Luke is a dreamer and an engineer while Dawn is a planner and an artist. When they put their heads together, they create beautiful yet functional pieces. Dawn's aesthetic plus her attention to detail leads to beautiful designs. Safety is one of Luke's top priorities, so each creation is handcrafted with care and is guaranteed to be structurally sound.

Dawn and Luke are happy to work with you to make custom furniture and decor for your home and unique jewelry for weddings or everyday wear. Email inquiries to yellowtabledesign@gmail.com.

Dawn and Luke live in Groton, Connecticut with their dog, Ginny, and their two cats, Simba and Cinnamon. Room by room, they're updating their 144-year-old home while laughing and singing made-up songs together. 

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